3D Virtual Studio Recording: Professional Studio

  • An advanced professional solution specially developed for individuals and/or organisations to create and customise virtual studio templates, effortlessly and quickly.

  • A simple full 3D multilayer scale, rotation, position command, as well as colour tone control and transparency adjustment for each layer or object. 

  • Includes virtual multiple camera outputs and monitors where all the virtual graphics, animations, charts can be shown and managed flexibly in 3D. 

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2D Virtual Studio Recording: Mini Studio

  • An application for video production to capture and stream video in real-time with minimum technical skills.

  • Provides ready-to-use virtual studio templates, along with graphic layers like logos, titles, and ticker.

  • An easy-to-use virtual recording and broadcasting studio that enables you to customise the background or environment.

  • Captures the presenter and the presentation materials with its multiangle scenes while recording and/or streaming the video in real-time simultaneously.


Personal Virtual Studio Recording: DIY Studio

  • A self-operated virtual studio recording system that allows anyone to produce videos in an easy and simple way.

  • Captures the presenter together with the presentation materials in a virtual environment and produces videos in real-time.

  • The unique four-quadrant presenter control allows the user to switch between editor, scene, input overlay, and different customised background to give a virtual feeling of presentation.

  • This one desk layout system is suitable for on-the-go presentation with high production rate and uncompromised quality.


Classroom Recording: Automated Recording

  • An all-in-one presentation, recording and editing system with intelligent-tracking technology.

  • Designed for presentation recording with the ability to track the movements of the presenter while he/she is presenting.

  • The touchscreen system is able to capture three sources – audio, video and presentation materials simultaneously.

  • The system takes care of the rest once the users launch it which includes audio normalisation and dynamic production of a high quality recording.

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