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Welcome to the Home of Video Learning

For more than 40 years, we (Video Arts) have provided engaging video learning solutions to organisations to support their employees’ professional development.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we believe a video is worth a lot more. If you are trying to convey complex messages or change behaviour, our videos get across the subject in a way that your learners won’t forget.


We use this structure with our videos and eLearning to make your learning last longer.

 Video arts, skilla, elm, Elearningminds

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 Video arts, skilla, elm, Elearningminds

About skilla

skilla is an innovative, dynamic Italian eLearning company, with a portfolio of multinational clients and a fast-growing presence globally.


skilla offers a catalogue of over 200 Multimedia Training Pills (in English, Italian, German and forthcoming, French) - short and interactive microlearning courses. Multimedia Training Pills® have been designed to accommodate the numerous and differing learning styles we know learners have. Clients particularly value skilla for our distinctive pedagogical method that enables each person to learn in the style that best suits them, stimulates self-learning and facilitates the role of Learning and Development (L&D).

What is skillaLibrary?

 Video arts, skilla, elm, Elearningminds

We are pleased to introduce the skillaLibrary, a rich catalogue of interactive soft skills training in Multimedia Training Pills® format, designed and developed by Amicucci Formazione. The Multimedia Training Pills® have concise, interactive and engaging microlearning courses in all the key transversal skills and behaviours a modern organisation needs to flourish in the digital age:

  • Soft skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Leadership and management

  • Digital skills and mindset

  • Business improvement

  • Quality management

  • and more

The pills continue to evolve but what remains constant are the factors that have ensured its success: an extreme search for simplicity and the essentiality of each concept, the stimulation of different sensory channels and the different intelligences.


skillaLibrary has solutions to accompany all business roles, from newly hired to classroom training, eLearning, blended models, internal communication, onboarding, performance management, compulsory training, talent management and the training of sales networks. The catalogue is enriched with further learningPath, that are standard but can easily be customised. Browse the full collection of training pills below.

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