Video Arts


Video Arts is the making of a video to become an elearning resource. They work with the best brains to come out with the best production. It all starts with the learning points: and they come from some of the best subject matter experts in the world. The videos are both entertaining in addition to educating people. Entertain your audience and something rather interesting happens: People remember what they’ve learnt. That’s why fun and humour have always played such a big part in our video and elearning programmes.

Learning is often designed to fill learners with facts and information. This is great if you want to increase their understanding of a subject, but what if you actually need to change their behaviour? Video Arts gets the message across in a way that your learners won’t forget. It all adds up to longer lasting learning.



Video Arts are on hand to help you with:

  • Communications planning meeting
  • Launch emails
  • Video / Course of the month emails
  • Promotional copy
  • Images
  • Video trailers
  • Feedback surveys
  • Learner success stories
  • Client success newsletter
  • Posters and postcards
  • Infographics

Contact us for details. 

Tel: +603-8066 7882 or +6012 883 9128