Ubicast is an all-in-one highly automated recording system for self-producing Rich Media presentations. It captures audio, video, and presentation material to deliver Rich Media to your audience. It is easy to use – EasyCast OS, Easy Editing, and Easy Sharing.

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Presenter tracking

Over 60% of communication is non verbal – hence the importance of seeing the speaker within the recording of a presentation. UbiCast has developed an award winning software-based tracking technology:

  • It frames a moving presenter – within a fixed, high resolution video – using upper body detection
  • It offers smooth tracking for a great viewing experience
  • It can be corrected and manually overridden
  • Autonomously create dynamic and engaging content


Dynamic video production

With TED talks, Google and Apple keynotes and other high production events, online viewers have become used to engaging content. However, you may not have a production crew at each of your presentations.

The Studio thus uses production rules to automatically display the most relevant information:

  • When a new slide is shown, it is displayed fullscreen for a few seconds
  • When the presentation material contains video, it is shown in fullscreen
  • When the presenter stays on the same slide for a few minutes, he/she is shown fullscreen


Keyword search

A key difference between Rich Media and standard video is the ability to navigate content by Search. The Studio automatically extracts all the words within slides (using Optical Character Recognition, or OCR).

  • Word extraction accuracy is around 90%
  • Viewers can search for specific terms within long presentations
  • Works regardless of the presentation material (PowerPoint, PDFs, Keynote, etc.)
  • Multilingual support


Ubicast can be used for
a) Training sessions (Orientations, Product Trainings)
b) Pre-record presentations (Lectures, Tutorials, Presentations)
c) Speeches (Opening speeches of an eLearning course)
d) Webcasts, conferences
e) MOOC, eLearning, mLearning

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View these samples: (Click View-Video)

View-Video UbiCast Sample 1
View-Video UbiCast Sample 2