Mastering Articulate Storyline Training (17 – 19 July 2018)

ELM_SLTrainingFirstly, thank you to all our participants, especially to Dr Rozaimi Ghazali (MyCel), for coordinating this. We also hope you have enjoyed the 3-day training session and gathered the skills and knowledge required to develop your eContent with Articulate Storyline. Some of our participants’ feedback:

How to use and configure contents using articulate. A good authoring tool and smart e content development

I like it the best when I learnt how to create motion path effect on a character. Besides, I also learnt how to create different type of quizzes. Overall, it was interactive and joyful to attend the training.

There are not much to talk about the trainer, she gave many info for the past few days and crystal when she was tutoring and guiding us.