Our Training

The right tools, skills and support are essential in any eContent development initiatives. eLearningMinds offers the following training modules to help you to successfully develop impactful and effective eContent.

Software and Tools Training



Articulate 360

One solution for your entire eLearning projects. Get updates and learn how to collaborate all these tools together. more…


Articulate Storyline

Create polished interactive courses Articulate Storyline, the eLearning authoring software that grows with you. more…


Articulate Studio

Articulate Studio offers powerful products in one integrated package. You’ll have everything you need to quickly create eLearning courses from PowerPoint, and develop stunning and interactive content, quizzes, assessments and surveys. more…

Camtasia Studio

Produce dynamic instructional videos with Camtasia Studio. more…



Develop effective interactivities rapidly using RAPTIVITY. more…

Media Creation

Basic Media Prep @Zero Budget – Creating Effective Media to Enhance Learning. more…

Knowledge and Skills

Instructional Design 1

Instructional Design 1: Designing Effective and Impactful eLearning Content

Rapid E-learning

Seminar on Effective and Successful Implementation of Rapid eLearning