iStudio is a personal presentation System using the most advanced Virtual Studio technology. It is designed for the use of live presentation. It is easy to operate the system. iStudio provides all the features of broadcast Studio needs and is designed for the presenter to use in a live class, conference and personal office. The patented technologies allow you to become the presentation studio designer, production director and multiple camera operators. With iStudio, you can create professional presentation in real time easily, with the one touch contents management tools.

The patented Innovation of iStudio is a new innovation of Lecture Capture and Smart Class…

iStudio Virtual Class room builder gives you a CNN Style Presentation in minutes. Turn your own office or class into a presentation studio within minutes. No more hassles in travelling to broadcast studios. In addition, iStudio gives you a library of studio sets which you are still able to change or modify the different objects with ease.

iStudio’s patent technology on trackless camera control

Setting up is made easy as it uses only one camera for all the tracking scenes on the presenter, creating animated camera movement with dynamic scenes on the presenter to bring attention on the presentation.

iStudio changes a presenter to be a broadcaster, camera operator and production director

iStudio’s patent control method enables any presenter to operate the system just by using your mouse pointer on the different presentation outcome. Not happy with the first take? Simply start all over without the hassle of engaging engineers, or production resources.

iStudio is an All in one Broadcast Turnkey Personal Station

You can easily conduct a live presentation – recording and streaming live video all at the same around the world via UStream or Youtube. You can even have a video conference via Skype (or other video conference tools) showing the output of iStudio to the recipients. istudio-001

Instant video output

By the second you stop recording, the video is instantly ready to be distributed and shared. You can still edit the video using any video editing tools. istudio-001

iStudio can be used for

a) Presentations

With iStudio, you can make presentation videos from anywhere you are located. Live presentations are taking place all the time in classrooms, hotels and seminar rooms around the world. But in most cases, there presentations are not recorded or they are no where to be found on the internet. With iStudio, you can capture the content and flavour of any live presentation, to be used again and again whenever and wherever you like, and it is timeless. iStudio is the perfect presentation tool. It’s even better than live.

b) TelePresentation

Currently there are many distant learning presentation tools, but none as powerful, effective and quick as iStudio. With iStudio you can create perfect content for a remote classroom, capture it and broadcast it over the web. Interact with your audience while being onscreen with your presentation materials, and have it all recorded for future usage. iStudio heralds a new era of distant learning where your classroom is anywhere you are located. istudio-001

c) Skype Conference

iStudio is the first all-in-one system to allow you to truly conduct effective remote conferencing. Now you can have conferences from the comfort of your home, office or classroom. Be on-screen with your presentation materials to really help drive home your objectives. Our single-screen multimedia approach will revolutionise the way you present yourself to your audience. iStudio opens up a new era of presentation conferencing.

d) Webinar

Unlike competing webinar solutions, iStudio allows you to be on-screen with your presentation materials, allowing “virtual eye-contact” to be established between presenter and audience. Your audience feels like you are looking directly at them while you are only looking through the camera during the recording. This is a very effective tool for establishing rapport with your audience and giving focus on your keypoints and objectives. iStudio totally opens up the world of web conferencing.

e) Large Conferences

Think about how the average presentation is made at a typical large conference room. Are you imagining giant PowerPoint slides with tiny live presenters in front? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see the person’s facial expressions? Wouldn’t it be nice if the presenter could interact with their material in a way that was dynamic and engaging for the audience? All of these are made possible with iStudio virtual presentation environment.

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